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We’ve made a model change


We have made a change to our extensive line up of Orbital Floor     Machines.  The F-RedTail-2014 has now been replaced by the F-RedTail-2014-180.      The major change is that we have upgraded the 1 HP motor to our more     powerful and larger 1.5 HP AC TEFC Motor that Hawk is known     for.   A single change yielding big results for everyone.  Hawk RedTail 2014-180

Why   did we make the change?

  • Competition among 20″ models        is very large and growing
  • 29 lbs. heavier motor and give        Hawk a more solid offering in the middle weight category (172 lbs)
  • No need to add extra weights that        rattle & get lost
  • Can still be used by smaller        sized personnel
  • Larger motor and cord uses less        power
  • Allows for the highest        performance at lowest price in the 20″x14″ category


When will this take place?

The change has been made and implemented June 1, 2018.  Our supply of 1 HP TEFC Motors is exhausted and we can no longer be secured replacements.  Only dealer and demo stock remain.


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